dharma trading splurge

Why is it so hard for me to place an order under $100 at Dharma Trading? And I scarcely bought any dye this time.

First of all I bought two 44″ square fringed scarves. One will be for me,
and one will be for crazysoph. I’ll dye hers first in the sapphire/plum combo she liked, and if it’s horrible, that one will be mine.

Then I was forced (FORCED, I say) to buy a couple of ribbed cotton shrugs for ME.
Why? Because a little tie-front shrug is my favorite thing to put over a sports bra for bellydance class. Then, because these are cotton, I needed a few more dyeing supplies to deal with that.

And I bought a few more dyeable silk bags to dye with my veils. I was overly optimistic on my ability to roll up a 3 yard veil to fit in a 4″ x 3″ bag. (Okay, duh, I should have consulted spatial relations man on that one.) I bought much bigger ones this time.

I have other experiments I need to get to, as well… for example, I still have to play with the black fiber reactive dye to see how it will shift… and I want to try dyeing my own rayon chainette fringe. Why? Because I think multicolored fringe is cooler than solid fringe. So there.


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