dye happy

Since things went so well yesterday I actually got a little dye work in. I dyed one of the cotton rib knit shoulder shrugs from Dharma with a shade called “black cherry” — I’m pretty happy with the color, but not so happy that the shirt did shrink a good bit. Dang! I’m not sure it’s still wearable. Well, if it’s no good, I’ll dye up the others as well and try to sell them to classmates.

I also started my series of veils that I think of as my “elementals” — I want to make veils that evoke the feeling of earth, air, fire, and water. Last night I did “fire” with red, orange, and yellow dyes — it’s pretty nice! I’ll try to have a picture on flickr soon. That darn red dye, though — you rinse and rinse and rinse and rinse and there is still dye coming off. Arg.

For “water” I want to try to create something with pretty blues and either a “foam” feeling or “bubbles”. Air will have pale lavenders and pale blues. Earth… I am still conflicted. Browns? Greens? Hmm.


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