veil workshop musings

I’ve been asked to do a short (1.5 hr) veil dying workshop.

On the one hand, yay!
On the other hand: uhhhh…

I have to figure out how much to charge per person for this. I would be supplying all the stuff, from silk to vinegar to dye to a microwave, plus all the plastic doodads one needs to mix, zap, and protect oneself from the dye.

Should I go through and add up all my costs for these items, then add some mysterious percentage for myself? Or..?

The timing is a little tricky as well… in 90 minutes, how many students
–set up a draped space to work
–listen to 10 minutes of lecture about fiber reactive dye
–soak their silk in vinegar
–mix their dye
–dye the silk for (say) 15 minutes
–line up to zap their items in the microwave
–rinse and rinse and rinse their items in the nearest sink? (And will the
location go ballistic over that?)


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