silk avalanche

Well, I ordered all the supplies I need for my 15-student veil dye workshop on July 23. (It’s $35. You could email for more info, if you wanted to.) That included 50 yards of 5mm habotai silk, a whole bolt.

I also ordered some more dyes for myself, since I used up all the blue (You used up all the BLUE on purpose!) and need a few other colors. Can’t even dye LAM’s scarf, which I’ve been promising for a while, because all the Sapphire dye is gone!

Oh, and I wanted some 10mm silk. I want to make some silk harem pants. Possibly a skirt.

Can you say most expensive order from Dharma Trading I’ve ever sent in? Eeeeeej. My cursor hesitated over the Submit Order button for quite a while. I mean, it’s not as if this is all outgoing bucks… even if I don’t get all 15 students, the supplies for the class are things I could use myself. On top of that, the person I consider my silk-dye mentor wants to take some of my veils on consignment to an event at the end of July! And I promised to vend at Eclectica Market in September! I need to dye more veils!

Now… if only I could dye them without having to hem them all as well… maybe putting a bowl of milk out for the brownies would help…


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