veil workshop results

Well, that actually all went very well!

Nobody’s bag of silk and dye exploded, nobody got dye all over themselves… I ended up with three helpers, which was super useful as I also ended up with 17 students. That was too many — we had nasty bottlenecks for setting the dye and rinsing — but everyone appeared to have a very nice time. One enterprising attendee went outside and held her veil in the breeze to dry it, and it certainly turned out beautifully — she combined grape and emerald green and got a muted tonal beauty. I hope everyone is pleased with their finished veils… quite frustrating that I don’t get to see them in the end, all dry and nice.

I probably won’t do this again. There was an awful lot of prep and it was sure a pain to lug all that stuff downtown — it needs to be done in a controlled studio setting where being messy is not such a big worry and the sinks are not white. And with no more than 10 students. And with at least 2 hours — 1.5 hours was just not enough.

But overall, I had fun! Great bunch of people.


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