vending at Eclectica Market

B and I got there right around 9 AM and set up the card table and a folding rack I’d bought for display. The dyed scarves went on the rack and the veils we draped on the table. I have not really done much in the way of sitting somewhere selling things. I didn’t realize that about 80% of the time it’s just plain dull. We were very lucky that the market organizer had lined up some excellent entertainment (outside of the middle eastern dancers) — the klezmer groups was great, the blues guy was great, the humourous cowboy singer was great, the folk singer was great. I was also very lucky that KB & R came by and hung out with us for several hours! It was nice to see them. A few Madison SF folks came through too — one bought a scarf — and P came for the dancing, only about 1.5 hrs too late (oops).

At the end of the day I had sold three scarves and three veils, making about $165 over 6 hours. One scarf actually had three potential buyers — one person who thought she would come back later for it and missed it, and two who were actually both trying to buy it at once. One lady kindly told me that I should take my work to an art fair and increase all my prices by $10! My goal for the day was two veils and three scarves, so I was happy. (I sold the “blue sky” veil to a woman who just wanted it because it was pretty. The fuschia and purple veil I dyed with Rayzel in mind last MARCH finally sold… to Rayzel! She, the veil, and I had not all been in the same place at the same time since then. Ayperi was hesitating over the akashi shibori yellow/gold tiger, when M whispered in her ear how great it would look with her maroon ensemble… and the wallet came back out. Yay!

I really could not have handled the day without B. He was so helpful throughout the whole thing… and had a successful foray into entrepreneurship himself, selling bottled water out of a cooler. I think it was probably kinda dumb of me to perform AND vend at this — too much preparation goes into both things. I’ll certainly keep this in mind for any further vending opportunities.


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