things don’t go as planned

So the artificial sinew binding came highly recommended for shibori ties because it is not absorbent like string. This may be so, but I did not like the result. I like my binding to be fatter so it covers more when you bind up the fabric. I bet this stuff would work very well on small pieces when you want very precise resists, not my free-form wackiness.

I worked on a custom veil for M last night. I had a very strange result… normally my chocolate brown dye ends up with reddish edges (the dye shifts on silk), but almost ALL of it turned a cranberry color! Eeek! I will show it to her and say that if she doesn’t like it I will try again. Then I’ll have to cut it down to three yards for general sale. I think I got this result because I dyed on the stove and not in the microwave. Very interesting.

I also had a frustrating time with Phaedra’s veil. I wanted to get a beautiful blue-purple edge on the bottom. Wouldn’t you know it, the Grape dye all shifted to fuschia! Ai! So I had to overdye with Sapphire. It turned out kind of cool, I think! Don’t know if Phaedra will go for it. We will see.

I’m all stuffed up today, but none of the stuff exiting my nose is colored… guess that dust mask works pretty well. 😀

Phaedra loved her veil, M said try again. Well, I’m 1 for 2.


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