Depressing sales at Madison bd event

I had such high hopes for the Madison bellydance event. I set a goal of $160 in sales… I thought I would sell at least three veils, several of the little zipper bags, and perhaps two scarves.

Well, I did sell three veils. And one scarf. And that was IT. I can’t believe nobody wanted one of those cute little bags. I guess I won’t be ordering more after all. For a moment I thought I had someone interested in the four-yarder… they were exclaiming over it, and did have it off the rack (“It looks like fire!”) but… no.

Once again, though, the green patterned veil sold. (And come to think of it, the OTHER green pattered veil, the green and purple one, did too… and the blue veil that sold had green in it as an accent.) What is it with green lately? Interesting.

You know, it’s not so much the money… it’s the time. We spent hours and hours behind that table for not much reward. (And in fact, I might have not rushed down there had I known there would be no pre-workshop shoppers at all. I might have just set up before the lunch break, or something.) How many hours am I willing to waste doing absolutely nothing to pay myself back for my dye materials?


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