a predicted uncommission

Somebody I know saw the tie-dyed shirts I did for my boss’s family and really liked them. He would like a set for his family.

step A: they want me to do the shirts. (check)

step B: his wife wants to buy the blank shirts herself so she can get the right sizes (check)

step C: I had to reveal where I buy shirts with cotton stitching (check)

Now I am waiting for…

step D: She decides to dye the shirts herself because it looks like fun.

No, you just watch, that’s what will happen. I don’t think I’m being that much of a pessimist — I just know how much fun it is to tie-dye, and it’s hard to resist. (Resist! You get it? Ar ar ar.)

I usually buy stuff to dye from Dharma Trading Company. I was paging through their new catalog last night (always dangerous) and was considering whether their crinkle-rayon clothing might not make rather good travel clothes. For example, a gypsy blouse and a long skirt, dyed to match, would make a semi-dressy and very comfortable outfit. They also have crinkly rayon pants. I’m quite tempted to dye some for myself (for myself! what a concept!) before our trip west next month.


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