the predicted uncommission part deux

I ran into the co-worker interested in tie-dyed shirts for his family… I’ve heard nothing new from them because they have a family member who is quite ill, so of course they are not thinking about funky clothing at the moment.

I inquired how old his daughter was: “Seven,” he replied. So I suggested that perhaps I could bring over the supplies one day this summer and we could tie dye shirts together in their backyard. He agreed that this sounded like a lot of fun and said he’d fire up the grill, too! I thought this might be a good idea, because I’ve seen the art he’s brought in for his office walls from his daughter’s hand. It’s quite unlike a lot of kid art I’ve seen. She’s obviously really creative, and I think this is something she would enjoy. I’ll refer to the True Tye Die webpage for some more info on dyeing with kids, and mix all the chemicals at home before going over; I bet her mom would enjoy it too.


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