pricing, sigh

How frustrating is it to see a version of what you make and sell on eBay for 60% of the price?

I set the prices on my dance veils based on what other people charge and based on how much time I put into them. Another silk artist spoke to me very firmly when I started selling about what selling this stuff at bargain-basement prices says about the value of what we do. Our time, skills, and vision are what make fiber art unique and desirable. If we were making things you could buy at Wal-Mart, who would care? Who would buy from us?

So when I see these auctions on eBay I feel quite depressed. There’s obviously nothing I can do about it. I make pretty things. I try to sell them… that’s pretty much it. I can’t keep other people from doing what they want. But my veils will never be sold at those prices unless they are damaged or I go out of business.


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  1. THC
    Apr 17, 2007 @ 19:44:00

    First comment on this page for me. Got to your page through Paula’s. Anyways don’t let the prices get you down. Not easy to say because they give me a hard time, too. I guess we’re into dyeing as artists who know our real value. I guess we just have to make things better, nicer or different than all the others, though the asians do some good work that seems to suit the customers just as well. Do you do shows? One way to get to talking to the people to convince them… Good luck and keep on dyeing

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