a series of veils

I got a commission last night not for one veil, but for a color series of veils. A local dance trio wants a set of veils plus extra yardage for an upcoming performance.

While they don’t want fabulous multi-colored veils, they do want three different solids, and they want them to be different from each other, yet related. I find this a really interesting challenge–none should be noticeably darker or paler than the others (different tints or shades); none should be much grayer than the others (different tones); but they do need to be distinct, yet related, hues.

Their original idea for the three colors was not a bad one. It worked out to a scheme (yeah, I looked at the color wheel here here) where you are going around the color wheel skipping two colors at a time. But one veil was going to be a lot warmer than the other, and I thought it would really stand out, and they didn’t like that aspect. So I suggested instead that they use an analogous scheme, and instead of that warm color, they chose a color right in between the other two.

I sure hope they turn out nicely! I like having happy customers…


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