emerald green’s split personality

You don’t know until it’s dry would probably make a good dyer’s motivational poster. On Saturday I thought I had finished all three veils for the “Fly Away” gals’ dance. On Sunday they were dry and I discovered two things:

1. They weren’t nearly as deep in color as I had hoped. I wanted more vibrancy.
2. The emerald green veil had several turquoise spots on it! Aaaagh! It’s not like I didn’t stir the damn thing!

Out of curiosity I pulled out the emerald green veil I did a few months ago and looked at it under strong light. Oh no! It too has turquoise spots!

I can only conclude that when the silk develops an air bubble that causes it to sit above the level of the water in the dye, the turquoise component of the green dye is taking, but not the yellow portion. Well, this is a danger with a mixed dye… I just haven’t run into it before. I dithered a bit, and then spoke to my Adored Husband, B. He suggested that I dye all new veils and keep the non-vibrant ones for stock, as they are perfectly nice by themselves, just not what I wanted for this project. I adopted this and re-dyed the Emerald one to even it out. This worked nicely; it’s even — but I wish the color was a little more blue and a little less yellow.

For the new batches, I am stepping up the amounts of dye in the baths and easing off a bit on the salt. The new Teal veil is already finished and has the notch more of intensity I was looking for. Next I’ll do a new Royal Blue… though I think I do not have quite the right dye for that. I hope that making the color more intense makes it close enough.

Dyeing is a craft, not an exact science! I think I need the T-shirt for that one.


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