five veils later

Not only did I complete my custom commission for the dance trio last night (and yes, redying in Azure, with 2x the dye, did give me a lovely royal blue), but Amira Jazel also bought two veils from me. “The Princess” is a very good customer of mine, and I was happy that she succumbed to the lure of my black-and-red arashi shibori veil. (Geez, I hope I have a picture of that one somewhere.) Innumerable people have picked up that veil and said, “Wow!” but nobody ever felt they had the costuming to go with it. Apparently she’s got a black and red gypsy ensemble. I’m glad it has found a home at last. She bought a peacock blue solid while she was at it, too.

While I was waiting for the royal blue veil to “cook” on Saturday, I started fooling with the remaining green-with-turquoise-flaws veil. I finally decided that it would make an interesting arashi experiment. The wrapped-and-compressed process I have been using up until now hasn’t involved much folding. This is because I wanted the overdye color to penetrate all the way to the inside layers. This time I did some semi-random triangular accordian folding on the 3yd piece before tying it to the cord. I’d like to overdye this with black acid dye. I have absolutely NO idea how this will turn out, but you can’t just do the same old thing because you’re afraid you will “ruin” something. And this will be a fun thing to do while I await the photo of Ayperi‘s new costume, because she needs a new veil too….

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