skirtzilla’s little friend

I’ve dyed a peasant shirt to go with skirtzilla. This time instead of using 1/2t sodium alginate per cup of urea water, I used 1/2t with 1.5 cups of urea water. This was a better consistency.

You know, no matter what I’m dyeing, things sure smell goofy. If it’s silk, everything smells like vinegar. If it’s rayon or cotton, eau de alginate provides a fishy smell.

At least now I have learned that I don’t need new soda ash solution every time I dye. Apparently the solution doesn’t go bad, so whatever you wring out of your last white soaked object can be used on the next one. So I’ve got half a jugful for the next project… maybe those el cheapo shirts from JoAnn fabrics… I need more experience folding and tying.

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