sigh, pricing again

Looks like I might have to lower my prices on the multiple-color 3yd x 45″ veils. A couple Chicago vendors are selling somewhat-similar veils for $35, so I am considering matching that. Heaven knows sales aren’t so great at the moment. My best market for veils right now is the local pros, and they don’t need to buy new veils that often. It might be smarter if I concentrated more on the student market, since every new student who stays in class needs a veil at some point, and they’re not so eager to shell out $40 for a veil, even if it is silk.

The question, really, is whether I can afford to stay in the veil business. On the one hand, $40 for these veils is even with most of the market, and I think that the profit I make on a veil is pretty accurately compensating me for the time it takes to design and make one. But if I can’t sell them for $40 and they sit around in stock… obviously I am not being compensated. 😀 If I come down to $35, well, that’s a slimmer return on my time. But it’s probably worth trying out a “sale” to see how that goes. If sales are still low at the “sale price” then what’s the point? Then I’m simply dyeing to amuse myself. That’s okay… but it means I will start picking and choosing my projects very carefully.

The thing that’s really kind of amusing is that people think solid veils should be a whole lot cheaper than the multicolored, like half the price. Obviously they’ve never stood over a hot dye pot, stirring to get an even color! I think I’ll stick with my “$5 less” rule.


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