you know you’re a fabric dyer when…

You know you’re a fabric dyer when…

…you carefully paste up your instant hot chocolate rather than just dumping all the hot water in.

…you get roses and exclaim “a coral to gold wash! I want to try that!” instead of saying “how lovely!”

…you forget to stop at the store you wanted in the mall because the guy you’re walking behind has such an interesting tie-dye shirt on.

…you can no longer detect the smell of vinegar because you’re so used to it (silk dyers).

…you find yourself looking around for your mask before opening any jar of anything.

…you’re the one who wants the leftover nitrile gloves from the wallpaper-removal project and you don’t understand why nobody else wants them.

…you weigh yourself and are surprised the unit isn’t grams.

…you are subconsciously shopping for dye supplies everywhere: office supplies, hardware store, kitchen gadget place, medical supply, grocery store, coffee shop….


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