never hurry, NEVER hurry!

Gigantic D’OH! moment last night.

I’m hurriedly dyeing some veils to take along to the Reda workshop in Cedar Rapids this weekend, because a friend of mine told me there might be someone who could sell for me on consignment. (Since I’m taking the dance workshop, I have no time to sit and vend.) So last night I pull out my plan for a coral-to-gold wash, I throw the silk in the vinegar, I apply the dye, I get a second piece of silk going, I’m buzzing along…

…and then I notice, while rinsing, that the veil seems to be folded over. Huh. I’ll just unfold it and…

…except I wasn’t dyeing a 108″ long silk veil in 5mm. I was dyeing a 72″ long silk sarong in 10mm! Yes, I accidentally dyed sarongs instead of veils. ARRRGH!

Never hurry. Take your time and do it right. This shall be my motto. Henceforth, anyway.


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