Supplies not from Dharma Trading

Despite the fact that Dharma Trading seems to get all my money, there are some things I’ve bought for dye work that didn’t come from them. For example I got some great glass beakers, stir rods, and nitrile gloves from American Science Surplus. (AmSci is possibly the coolest store on earth, so if you are in the neighborhood, you gotta check it out sometime. My Uncle Jay took me there when I was a kid and I’ve always loved it.) I got a good deal on a digital scale from them, too, though I wish it weighed to the half-gram sometimes, not the gram.

One day I was tooling around the Nalgene Outdoor online store and saw something I’d been looking for a while: a very small drop-dispensing bottle for my Synthropol. (I’m always accidentally pouring in more Synthropol than I need, and it’s such a strong detergent that you then have to spend a half hour rinsing your fabric.) They have very interesting things on that Nalgene site.

The grocery store has also been nice to me for a dedicated pair of dyeing tongs and Gladware containers to dye in. The hardware store provided a canning rack and a great pot, not to mention plastic dropcloths and some buckets. (Come to think of it, I need some more foam paint brushes.) Office supply gave me washable markers and rubber bands. The dollar store was great for some inexpensive plastic containers… but I found out, to my horror, that my dollar-store measuring spoons were noticeably different than my initial set! That certainly explained some of those inconsistent results.

Oddly enough, I’ve bought very little from the local fabric and crafts stores! I think I picked up some more soda ash when I was running low, but that’s about it. Although… I did succumb to the lure of the 100% cotton $2.99 white Tshirts.


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