dye painting and I are not friends

Quick update: I tried my hand at dye painting. Things went pretty well… until I rinsed out.

First of all, the patterns I painted got quite blurry as I rinsed. I rinsed in very cold water, quite a bit, before washing in Synthropol. But everything got smeared. I was pretty bummed out.

Second of all, I used washable Crayola markers to give me design guidelines. (As recommended in Tie Dye 101, the DVD.) And they didn’t wash out! Gack!

I’m sure part of my problem was that the thing I was dyeing was a hat. I couldn’t put it in the washing machine and could just barely immerse it in my laundry sink. But I really don’t know how I could have kept the pattern from blurring in the rinse/wash.

The other two hats I had I have simply painted with the activated, thickened dye paste and tossed a little salt on, leaving them to cure a day. They won’t be as clever as my painted hat was meant to be, but they will be less of a headache. I tried not to get dye on the inner headband of the hat… hope they don’t bleed dye on somebody’s hot, sweaty head!


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  1. Dancing Wolf
    Sep 05, 2007 @ 06:50:00

    About the washable markers. If you look at Tom and Martine’s video (Tie Dye 101), they soak their pieces in soda ash solution after they mark and tie them. It looks like the marker is gone or mostly gone before they start to dye. At that point the ties are defining where to place the dye. In addition, the instructions on the Crayola washable markers say to wash with hot water to remove them, while you were rinsing in cold. Also, I’m wondering if the dyes you used reacted with the marker and made it more permanent, although I suspect the first two factors are the more likely culprits.

  2. Vashti
    Sep 05, 2007 @ 15:19:00

    Ah, but after my thorough cold rinses I did wash in hot, as I generally do with fiber reactive dyes on cotton.

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