And now, a sob story of inventory

So… Eclectica Market sales were very poor. I hoped to sell at least 10 items, preferably 15, of the 50 I took along, and instead sold 7. Well, we had a location problem with the booth, and I suspect that most of the vendors had similar results. Sigh. At least I am not trying to live off of silk money… I really only sell the stuff so that I can buy supplies to dye more, so I shouldn’t complain.

A few of the things that sold are worth noting down. Both the scarf and the veil I dyed “cinnamon stick” red and brown sold. Combining the cinnabar red with the dark brown really created things that spoke to people. I would like to try some shibori work with the red resisted and overdyed in brown, maybe on one of my new shibori poles. I have been mentally folding veils in various ways to get 108″ by 45″ wound on a 4″ diameter pole, but I’m sure I won’t know for certain they work until I’m confronted with the physical objects. (Also, I came up with a good way to hold folds in place until they’re bound to the pole: hair clips! The kind that clip shut when you bend them. No teeth, so they shouldn’t damage anything.)

I did finally sell one of my evening wraps (yeah, after trying for a year). It was my first ever shibori experiment, and it turned out curiously, because I wrapped it round and round a rope and scrunched it. So one end was mainly resisted and one end had mainly the overdye color. Utterly unique in rust and peach… so long, wrap. Have a nice time with the little black dresses out there.

One veil went in a non-sale. My dye mentor Darlene Coltrain saw the smoky green & seafoam veil I made and said, “I have to have this. I need to paint ferns on it. Can I pay you in kind?” Which makes me laugh, because even her smallest hand-painted scarves sell for twice what I sell a veil for. But we’ll work it out. I’m happy she liked something I made.

Another scarf sold in an amusing way: it was a polka-dot satin devore scarf. I had dyed it orchid and plum, but I disliked the way it turned out. Since I was overdyeing a shibori sarong in black, I threw it in the acid dye bath. It turned out great — the silk field was dead black and the rayon devore layer was silvery gray. Towards the end of the day at the Market, one of the neighbors dropped over, dressed to the eights, all in black. “I have to go to work,” she explained. “Ooh, maybe I need a scarf!” She seized that scarf and tied it over her black dress as a belt. “Sold!” she said, and off it went. See, I knew that 60″ length was the best!

But now I’ve got an awful lot of scarves and bags left with no outlet to sell them. And I’m going to have MORE scarves, because I bought some flat crepe scarves for shibori practice. Eeesh. At least they don’t take up too much room to store.


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