MOO – hoo! Flickr cards

Just a brief note here about the MOO mini cards available through Flickr! is a printing company based in the UK. They’ve made an alliance with Flickr so that you can easily choose images in your Flickr account to appear on postcards, mini cards, or stickers.

I’ve been kind of unhappy with my free Vista Print business cards, partially because the email address on them is out of date, and partially because, well, seeing my silk is what sparks interest in it. I really wanted some photo cards. The MOO/Flickr setup lets you choose any of your images and crop them to mini-card size, and I ordered 100 of them in five different images. Wow, do they look good! On the back I put my info and the URL for this blog. They even came in a cool little plastic box. Of course they are not standard-business-card size… they are 28 by 70 mm… but they are a really nice stiff card stock.

If you’re looking for photo cards… consider MOO!


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