"Could the splotches be bigger?"

I recently had quite a struggle coming up with the right colors for a custom veil. The buyer wanted a four-yard veil, featherweight, in baby blue and pale tan. This was to go with her new costume, a light blue creation adorned with beaded vultures. (Hey, it’s Egyptian! Royal vultures! C’mon!)

I know better than to just dive in and dye a four-yarder for her. She is quite particular about color. So I thought I’d do a sample… and another sample… and another sample… I just COULD NOT get a pastel blue. I was using tiny, tiny amounts of dye by the end, trying to lighten the blue up. I broke down and bought Baby Blue from Dharma and came up with a reasonable sample.

The customer’s response: “Could the splotches be bigger?” I cracked up!

Of course I was dyeing this Low Water Immersion style, to achieve a random effect… on a small piece of silk (about 12″ by 6″), it follows that the “splotches” were fairly small. Once I understood she wanted a bigger scale to the pattern, it was easy to plan more of a direct dye application method and spread the silk out more. But those darn pastel colors! I really have found that I have to use double the dye to get the color onto the silk. I had to make two dye passes to avoid big white areas. In the end I got something she liked very much, though I had to rush on Sunday night to have it ready by Monday… no time for a picture, alas!


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  1. Natalia
    Nov 28, 2007 @ 20:39:00

    Beaded vultures sound awesome! :)It sounds like you really went out of your way to create something perfect for her. I’m so glad you wrote about your process, it was interesting to me to hear about your trial-and-error experiments.

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