One more time!

Despite meager sales at last year’s Bellydance UW workshop, I’ve decided to make up a bunch of veils for their spring event this year. Yes, sales last year sucked, and I didn’t really enjoy making up some of what I took; so I am shaking things up a bit.

  • I’m not making ANY solid veils. I don’t like making them, and I’ve adjusted all my prices downward a bit, so they are no longer the cheaper option.
  • I’m not taking the workshop. Last year was very complicated with my husband sitting in for me at the table in the morning, et cetera, and I had to drag my dance bag down with all the vending stuff, yada yada. This year the teacher is Tamalyn Dallal. I enjoyed her workshop in Milwaukee, but I don’t feel like I absolutely MUST have another from her right now.
  • I’m going to concentrate on veils only, not all the little doodads. They didn’t sell anyway! So it’s all veils all the time until April.

Except, well… there is that trip to Cairo in March. And I want to bring the “Youm Wa Hazz” choreography to performance level. And I have a lot of costume sewing I have to do before WisCon 32 at the end of May. So I need to get the veils dyed well in advance, and then I probably need to stop dyeing for a while! Shucks. If only I had enough time for all my hobbies.


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