art vs. necessity!

So I am madly dyeing veils in order to have enough stock for the Bellydancing UW show in April. (Hmm, I better send in my table registration right away too.) If I weren’t going to be away on vacation for a couple weeks shortly before the show, it would be no big deal, but as it is, I must have my stock ready to go soon. I had planned to do some low water immersion (LWI) method, some overdyes, some arashi shibori method.

But suddenly… I have a large silk commission that needs to be done in the same time frame — for some local dancers whose creative vision I really respect; I don’t want to disappoint them. Also, dancers have started popping out of the woodwork seeking new veils. So not only have I got less time to dye veils… my stock is subject to attrition!

Therefore I suspect a lot of my new veils will have to be low water immersion. I can create two very nice LWI veils in an evening, if they are in the same color family. Overdyes require multiple dye passes, so they take two or three evenings. Arashi shibori takes as long as an overdye, but also requires me to do all the folding and wrapping — some evenings all I can get done is the fold and wrap and the actual immersion has to wait until the next day!

So it’s the KISS method for me for a while. And trying out new methods is also out for now… did I mention my bathtub is now purple? Ooops.


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