Weekend of the seven veils

New personal record — seven veils dyed over the weekend. All but one are ironed and photographed. Whew! Pictures here soon.

As I ironed (and ironed, and ironed) I thought more about what Darlene mentioned over at Shibori Borealis — that she got a bigger ironing board. I looked into this a little bit, but the idea of storing yet another big rectangular thing (alongside my cutting mats, lap desk, cutting table, current ironing board, and Koala cabinets) doesn’t really appeal. Plus it’s about $100. And the more I thought about it the more I wished I could just iron on my cutting table. It’s a big white banquet table, about 24″ by 72″. (We call it the White Table of Gondor. Don’t ask.) Ironing 108″ by 45″ veils would go really fast on such a big surface.

So I emailed the sewing consultants at Nancy’s Notions. They’ve got a fabric called Insul-Bright, which reflects heat back. If I wanted to make an “ironing cover” for my cutting table, I’d need to make a big sandwich like this:

Cotton fabric or muslin – bottom
Cotton batting
Insul-bright – shiny side up
Cotton batting
Cotton fabric or muslin on top.

Cost, too… $20 for the batting… $10 for the Insul-bright… $5 for the muslin… then maybe another $5 for elastic… definitely cheaper than The Big Board, and something I could roll up and put away. Hmm. But how to find the time to make it??

That’s always the problem.


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  1. Mandi aka Fabric Princess
    Feb 19, 2008 @ 22:18:00

    no no no! I’ll tell you what you do. Run to Home Depot or somesuch with plywood. Get a piece cut to fit your cutting table. (like 3/8″ thick). Bring it home and cover it with 2 or 3 layers of cotton batting (get it on sale with your Joann’s coupon). Staple that on the back. Then cover with canvas, also purchased at Joann’s (natural or white denim will do, too). Stretch this over and around the side covered with the batting and staple it on the back.Now you’ve got a portable huge board to fit your table. And you’ll find that that the batting and cotton is much much much better than that reflective silver stuff at giving you a nice firm surface. I learned this after making 2 similar boards, one really big to use for fabric printing, and the other smaller one for actual pressing.

  2. Vashti
    Feb 20, 2008 @ 15:41:00

    But Your Highness of Fabric, then I’ll still have to store a great big board. Not to mention trying to get this big thing home from the hardware store… but I’ll consult with Spatial Relations Man (my spouse).

  3. Darlene
    Feb 20, 2008 @ 15:45:00

    no no no! lol … I propose you don’t have to spend anything at all!You already have a big table, so all you need is 2 sheets. Fold a couple of queen or king sized sheets into fours and layer them on top of each other on your table. I have one in flannel and then one in cotton on top of that; you get 8 layers of padding to iron on that are practically 45″ wide. It finally came to me when I remembered my grandmother ironing sheets and towels on the dining room table because it was more efficient. (she used to iron everything, even the unmentionables!)If you don’t have suitable sheets, get some at a thrift store. I use the same table for everything; when it comes time to dye or cut, I just whip off the pile of sheets to get back my work surface (30″x72″).Ironing silk is done swiftly and on a low setting, so I don’t think that little bit of warmth coming through the sheets will damage your cutting table.

  4. Eva
    Feb 20, 2008 @ 16:36:00

    Well, depending on who’s advice you plan to take I’d be happy to help with sewing the cover. I’m only in costume sewing crazy mode until the end of this month, so if you can get me the materials and dimensions/directions before you go away on vacation I should be able to finish it before you get back. :)(If you’d like you can think of it as a pay back for the fitting and standing around not fitting you’ve done for me. 😉

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