Vanishing veils

So… the dancer who bought Cherry Sangria showed it to a classmate, who also demanded silk. She came looking for a blue veil but walked out with a Sunspot in yellow and peach. I hurriedly made more veils and took everything to a trunk show for Mahela’s intermediate class. I sold my replacement Sunspot and also an earth-toned veil. That was Sunday night.

Then at noon on Monday I got an urgent email from Phaedra: “Veil emergency! Bring your veils to the studio tonight!” Yes, she had new costumes with no veils to go with them. I had nothing to go with her red & silver costume, unfortunately, but the Pink Comet (a fuchsia ombre veil with a white “tail”) looked great with her burgundy and pink sequined outfit. She also fell for a purple and blue veil that we dubbed the “fruit smoothie” for its cranberry and blueberry tones.

Luckily I do have pictures of all of these on my camera… but who would have thought I would suddenly sell six veils in four weeks? I’m going to have to really hustle to get my commission done for the Ashar Dance Company, so I have a little more time to make more veils before I go on vacation! Heavens!


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