Hot Overdye Action!

When I started to look around and make a plan of attack to bring my inventory back up to a reasonable level, I ran into a problem immediately: low on silk. I just didn’t have very many veils prepared for dyeing, and I certainly didn’t have the time to either order some more or hem some more before the show on the 12th.

So I looked a little harder… and found some “rejects.” Thereupon I entered into the Can This Silk Be Saved? show.

There were two veils I dyed a while back that were meant to be a brilliant purple. I was going to leave one solid and use the other in a shibori project. Sadly, they came out a disappointing dusty mauve. I felt depressed just looking at them. Clearly they needed to be overdyed in a different color. My initial thought was to correct their shade with a superduper purple dye bath, but a glance at my inventory showed a whole mess of purple-toned veils in stock! Darn. But suddenly I realized… black veils! Black veils always sell eventually. So I mixed up a big pot of black acid dye and in they went. They look great. Later I realized why I don’t dye in black very often… cleaning up afterwards is a pain in the neck.

The other reject was the second Shamrock Shake green veil. This was from the batch that was supposed to be “kelly green” — they sure weren’t. I was willing to be a bit experimental with the overdye in this case, as I really wasn’t sure what this mint tone would do to the overlying color. I got out some teal dye, a very grayed out blue-green. I tied a single scalloped stripe along one long edge of the veil and just threw it in a soda ash immersion. I took it out of the washing machine this morning — wet, it looks like the color settled to a pretty nice dark green shade. I’m very curious to see how it looks dry. But I have little doubt that it will be a more attractive thing than the Shamrock Shake was.

Pictures soon… I promise.


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