A MONSTER veil-selling day

I took my 22 veils downtown, put my tablecloth on the table, and laid them out in roughly ROYGBIV order. I was thinking to myself, in this economy, I’d really like to sell four veils; six would be great.

TEN VEILS! I sold TEN VEILS! Woo hoo!

And I have a custom order. A rush custom order. That wasn’t real great planning on my part, I am so busy, but it’s for Jaz. There is no way I’d let Jaz down. And she has a new costume that needs a veil….

The other great thing was that I got to see what Ashar Dance Company did with their custom silk yardage. I did bi-color pieces of silk in three different schemes for them, and they made looooonnnng sleeves and skirt panels out of them for a “House of Flying Daggers” inspired dance. It was truly beautiful, and I was so happy to see my silk turned into something so lovely on stage.

I have a few new pictures… some are from the vending room, since I didn’t have time to photograph all the new ones in the “studio.”


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