A sewing interlude

Haven’t posted lately because I haven’t been dyeing lately! I had fancy dress costumes to make for WisCon 32. Yes, one of my other roles in life is “science fiction geek.” I’ve been attending WisCon since number 8, in fact, though that streak will be broken next year. I often sew costumes for WisCon; it used to be for the costume contest, but the last few years it’s been for the Sunday night Fancy Dress party, which my husband and I co-host. But once the convention is over, the sewing stuff will be packed up and I’ll be back in the pretty chemistry biz again.

I’m strongly thinking about opening an Etsy shop. Etsy is a place to sell individual handmade items (as opposed to auctioning off pretty much anything, as eBay is). Well, that’s what I’ve got, is single handmade items. But I need to figure out shipping costs and how to adjust my prices to cover the Etsy fees before I leap in.

In the meantime, consider the ceiling of the Mohammed Ali mosque in Cairo. Don’t you wish you had this on a scarf?


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