Yousry Sharif workshop

Well, I set up shop at the local Yousry Sharif workshop over the weekend. I did get to dance Saturday morning, but developed a migraine and had to sit out the afternoon. (Just as well — my plantar fasciitis didn’t think too much of the experience.)

I took all my veils, new and old, and sold four. The workshop was poorly attended, I think because the sponsor had trouble coming up with a venue and couldn’t advertise as heavily as she might have liked to. Four was my minimum goal to sell, so I can’t complain much.

Someone finally fell in love with the Purple Tiger — I knew there was just the right person out there for it! I also sold the Solar Flare, Blueberry Ripple, and Blood Orange.

Those fire veils always, always sell. I should start making two at a time, minimum, so I always have them in stock. But it’s interesting how just a slight change in the dyes chosen have a huge effect on the overall look of the dye. If I use Fire Red, its fuchsia component comes out strongly. I can also use Coral for the red/orange shade, but it’s much less strong a color. Likewise, I can use Lemon Yellow or Golden Yellow for quite different results; lemon is brighter, golden is warmer. Sunspot used Scarlet, which gives very little pink tone, and Lemon — and the oranges were very strong. Sometimes I do a fire pattern and throw some Tangerine in, as well. I’d like to play with Sunrise red in a fire veil sometime, and perhaps Marigold….

So many colors, so little time.


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