Chasing Zebras in the melting pot

After the Yousry Sharif show earlier this month, I had two inquiries about custom work. ZF, a lovely local dancer, wanted a veil, as she was about to take her first veil workshop. She wanted something reminiscent of my Jade Shibori veil, but in black and white.

To do black and white shibori I knew I would have to use a black acid dye bath in a pot on the stove. I carefully folded, wrapped, and tied a white veil and scrunched it down hard towards the end of one of my 6″ PVC poles and tried it in the pot for fit. Looked okay… but I was skeptical. I filled the pot with plain water to the level I usually set my dye bath. Uh oh! All the silk would not be submerged. I took out the rack I was using to keep the pole off the bottom of the pot — now it would fit. But the direct heat was going to be bad for the pole. I fudged. I put a bunch of metal clips on the bottom of the pole so the plastic wouldn’t be right on the bottom.

For future reference: that doesn’t work. By the time the pole came out, the PVC plastic was soft and had become discolored. The metal clips had made permanent impressions in the pole. What was worse, the veil was slightly discolored near that area.

ZF thought the discolorations were slight and actually rather liked the shadowy effect they had, so she was happy with the veil. I liked the way it looked like a natural pattern, like a zebra or a plant, rather than a geometric one. (I have no picture of it — I hope one day to have a photo of ZF posing with it, actually.)

But note to self: find a shallower rack that fits in the canning pot!


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