slight rant: education

Why is it so difficult to find classes in dye techniques?

I often feel (as many craft/hobby dyers feel, I suspect) that I’m doing a lot of floundering to no purpose. Many techniques in dye work would be 100% more understandable if someone SHOWED you how, rather than having to read about it. But I can’t find classes. I’ve checked the university, the technical school, local fabric shops… nothing. And when you search, it’s hard to know where to look — art department? sewing classes? I found out that the design classes at the UW are under the “School of Human Ecology” — yeah, I needed to be psychic to figure that one out. Why is it so hard to find instruction on this topic?

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  1. Darlene
    Sep 16, 2008 @ 13:45:00

    Hand dyeing can be a thousand different techniques, as different even as every dyer creating. Tell us what you’re longing to find?

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