Weird dyeing tips

  1. If you are tying something off with cotton string, and you pull too hard on it… why yes, you can just snap it! If it has to be pulled that tight, perhaps waxed thread or artificial sinew is a better choice.
  2. Remember your simple machines. For example, if you need to dip fabric down into a vat, a pulley works great, even if it’s just a piece of twine thrown over a ceiling brace with a clamp on the end to hold the fabric. And tie-dyeing on an inclined plane means that excess dye will run away from your fabric instead of sitting in a big puddle.
  3. Do not underestimate the uses of a wooden dowel. You could wrap things on it. You could poke or stir with it. You could put it across the top of a dye vat and hang things from it.
  4. Nothing works as well as a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to get a dye stain off a hard surface.
  5. Glad Press ‘n Seal is a fine thing for covering any dye project that needs it and isn’t too big. Since it sticks to itself so nicely, but doesn’t disintegrate when you pull it off, you get a nice tight disposable seal that isn’t a big mess at the end.

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