consignment raqs!

Ayperi is one of my best silk customers. She always has a new idea for costuming that she wants translated into silk. Recently she told me that she would be teaching at the Full Circle Bellydance Festival in northern Wisconsin, and asked whether I planned to vend there… too far away for me, so the answer was no. She suggested that she sell for me on consignment, so we made an agreement and I handed her about 15 veils to take along.

Imagine my surprise when she came back and revealed that she had sold ten veils! Wow. That’s amazing. I felt kind of weird about sending my silk off into the world by itself (sniff, sniff, now you be good for Ayperi, pretty veils) but clearly it was a total success.

Aaaaannnnnd… now I’ve got almost no veil stock again. I’ll be glad when Halloween is done. I’ve got a bunch of dye work that MUST get done very soon, and I’ve simply had no time.

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