People are wacky

Before I tried dyeing anything, I read one set of instructions about doing it. Just one. That was actually good. Had I known how many different ways there are to apply dye, I might never had done it.

The people who I think are wacky are the people who don’t even read ONE set of instructions, one book, one web page, one anything. They are the people who have questions in this format:

“I took an [X] and put it in a pot with some [Y]. It didn’t work right. Why is that?”

Paula Burch gets these questions all the time. She is the most patient teacher in the universe. She explains carefully what they should have done. My response would look more like this:

Dear random idiot,

Why exactly did you think putting X in a pot with Y would work? Did you choose these things at random? Why do you seem surprised that you ended up with a mess? Did you even consider using a web search to get a tiny amount of information on what you planned to do? Not internet-savvy — okay, how about the LIBRARY? Libraries are your friends. No library near you? How about a local art teacher or fabric store owner — did you ask ANYBODY? No? Well, you go ask them now. Then come back. Tell me what they said. Maybe I’ll have cooled off by then.

It doesn’t bother me so much when the question is “I’d sure like to dye my [Z]. How would I do that?” Then at least we’re not starting off with a ruined project. Then we can warn the unsuspecting. Then we can at least help. Afterwards… well, we are lucky there are Paula Burches in the world… diplomatic and patient dye mentors. Heavens.

Most recent question I was actually able to help somebody with:
“I’d like to dye my bedspread solid black.”
What size?
“It’s a queen.”
Do you own any container at all that would hold a queen bedspread and enough water for it to swim freely in it?
Do you own your own washing machine?

“No. Er… this is a problem, isn’t it?”
What’s the bedspread made out of?

“Something shiny. It’s thick and quilted.”
Oh yes… this is a problem.
“Maybe I’ll just buy a new one.”


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  1. Spazmo
    Mar 05, 2009 @ 20:15:00

    My father and I have a running joke, which goes something like this: One of us is frustrated about human behavior and utters the phrase “You would think . . . ” and the other immediately responds with “well that was your first mistake!”I think alot of people just don’t THINK as much as they should. And this seems to be one of those cases. Extremely frustrating.

  2. Darlene
    Mar 06, 2009 @ 18:08:00

    You’ve been reading my mind, but YOU had the nerve to say it out loud!There are little voices inside my head that constantly battling each other; one is straight forward –but a little nasty– and wants to exclaim “Moron!” vs my more motherly side : “Be patient. People just don’t know how much they don’t know.” There’s never any winner in this internal conflict.I’m a librarian, so I fully support the notion of reading books. Heck, ask your librarian if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Mind you… if they sent you email, you’d think they could look something up on the internet.

  3. Vashti
    Mar 06, 2009 @ 18:27:00

    Sometimes I just feel so exasperated with utter stupidity. You tried dyeing your prom dress in the sink with RIT? And I am supposed to say “that’s too bad” and tell you how to fix it? Even the RIT box says fabrics with more than 50% poly won’t take the dye… did you even glance at the box?I figure I’m entitled to get exasperated then. I am working on myself to NOT get exasperated when the 84th person says, “I always thought it would be nice to redye this bridesmaid dress… is it hard?” That person should not inherit ire developed by others. Join me: *deep breath* “What is your dress made out of?” *smile*

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