conservation of buckets

Phew. 13 veils done for the LaCrosse show.

Last night I got out the two curved veils I bought on spec. They aren’t half-circles… they’re more like half-ovals, because they’re not quite wide enough. But I’m darned if I’m going to hem my own half circle veils… what a nightmare! So I’m working with what I have.

I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them, actually. The Shibori Borealis half circles are gorgeous, but so complex, and Darlene’s artistry is miles away from my skillz. I thought I would go for something much simpler. I dyed each veil in a bucket — one a warm yellow color, one a medium blue shade. Then I set up a third bucket with a 2x strong fuchsia solution and simply dropped the lower 2/3 of the veils into it. After a while I pulled more of the veils out of the bucket and added more dye to make a 4x strong solution.

The veils don’t show smooth absolutely perfect ombres — you have to do more work to get those — but they are a lovely example of basic color theory. The yellow veil looks exactly like a Tequila Sunrise cocktail, deepening into a pinkish orange edge. The blue veil reminds me of a morning glory with the deep velvety purple edge and blue inner area. Photos coming soon!

13 veils. Whew.


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