veil dyeing vs. my back

Well, my back wasn’t too pleased about the combination of multiple ballroom classes last week PLUS a multi-hour bellydance workshop on Saturday PLUS a lot of sitting and driving related to Easter Sunday festivities. Monday it basically stiffened up and refused to move.

(And by the way… I don’t really appreciate it when a dancer I have known for 10 minutes tells me to fix my dance posture to avoid back pain. Especially when she has not seen my dance posture and is not a doctor, nor does she play one on TV. Also especially when you’re someone who is willing to wear a hipscarf out to a restaurant at lunch time. I think that’s tacky.)

So anyway, I haven’t done much dyeing this week. I did do a big 4yd pink-and-white number that I’m hoping Tzigane will buy from me in LaCrosse, as she mentioned she’s looking for one. But other than that, no. I need to take a good inventory tonight and figure out what else is a “must-have” for the show; I’ll do those and no more. Leaning over the sink is not a great thing right now.


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