It was an eight veil weekend

I’m trying to build my stock back up before the Isidora workshop at the end of the month, so I took advantage of the holiday weekend to get a lot of silk into a lot of dye.

Two things I ran entirely out of were blue veils and “fire” veils, so I decided to do a series of each. I really enjoy doing several variations on a theme all at the same time — it’s easy to see the difference between them. For the “fire” veils I did one based around a red dye, one around fuchsia, and one around coral, giving me a pretty nice range, though the fuchsia veil did not have quite as much strong pink as I would have liked.

For the blue veils I worked with a very dark blue dye called “Midnight”, a less-inky, more clear-blue dye called “Sapphire”, and a dye that’s new to me called “Caribbean.” I paired each with a different blue in a lighter tone. These also turned out prettily, but oh! I hate rinsing turquoise based dyes. I rinse and rinse and rinse. Darlene’s advice to heat my silk more and let it cool completely before rinsing has helped on most other colors, but not turquoise. It’s so tedious.

I finished a veil that was half-done, as well… I dyed a veil black and protected one long edge. After much dithering I dyed the edge teal. It looks very fine wet; hope it looks decent dry! My other surprise on that front was a veil I dyed using Colorhue dyes with an arashi shibori wrap. It was truly hideous while still damp, but dry… well… maybe it’s not so bad? I will reserve judgement.

Now I need to go rinse out some rayon jackets I wrapped on the pole this afternoon. Very curious to see how they turn out!


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