the month off

Well, I had a month off of dye work. It was a pretty nice little “vacation” and I’m starting to feel much more creative now. I haven’t yet gotten anything up on Etsy — instead I’ve been working on jewelry skilz. I took a fun workshop on wire-wrapping cabochons — now that’s something that’s going to require practice to get the results you want. (Just like dye work.) Unfortunately the base material (sterling silver wire) is a little more expensive that powdered dye and vinegar!

I did finally find a good source for citric acid locally. I wanted to try citric acid instead of vinegar because it’s easy to make your baths more or less acid with powdered citric acid without changing the volume of the bath. I didn’t want to buy it from Dharma Trading because the shipping costs essentially doubled the price of the powder. My local source does not sell it as cheaply as Dharma… but the total price is still a bit cheaper than Dharma’s price with shipping. Sadly, my local source is Whole Foods, and I’m not sure if I can continue shopping there after their CEO said some unpalatable things about health care reform (Like, “Repeal government mandates regarding what insurance companies must cover. These mandates have increased the cost of health insurance by billions of dollars. What is insured and what is not insured should be determined by individual customer preferences and not through special-interest lobbying.” This guy clearly does not understand what a struggle it’s been for people to get “obvious” things covered by health insurance — for example, birth control pills, which are possibly one of the highest-benefit drugs in wide use today.)

I do have a cute little dye job coming up. A friend has bought a cotton “dog hoodie” as a gift and wants it dyed up. It’s as small as some of the baby clothes I’ve done — must be a tiny dog!


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  1. jdthmllr
    Sep 01, 2009 @ 22:33:29

    Have you tried Willy Street Coop for your citric acid?

  2. Vashti
    Sep 01, 2009 @ 22:35:33

    @jdthmllr: not yet, but I'm planning on it!

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