Martha Stewart rocks

Here’s why I say Martha Stewart rocks. She has a dyer on her show who does scrunch dyes. Don’t get me wrong, I like shabd‘s stuff. But Martha apparently made scrunch dyeing sound like some ground-breaking new thing. It’s not. Then on her website she gives “directions” for making a similar item yourself (here’s an excerpt):

3. Prepare up to six different colored dyes for the gathered areas of the leggings. In each squeeze bottle, mix 2 teaspoons dye with 4 ounces water, then add 4 more ounces to fill.

Then later:

6. Mix three more colors of dye in similar tones (for example: yellow, light yellow, dark yellow) for the background. One by one, completely saturate the leggings with these colors.

Okay, so we have NINE colors of dye, and we have 8 ounces of dye for each. That’s 72 oz of dye! And in this craft project, you are dyeing… one pair of cotton leggings.

If I dye multiple tshirts, I calculate about 8 to 12 oz of liquid dye per shirt.

A person following Martha’s instructions is going to buy massively more dye (and probably squeeze bottles) than she needs to dye one pair of leggings.

So you rock, Martha! Way to keep dye suppliers in business!


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