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Well, one of my local dancer customers had contacted me about a 4 yard veil a bit ago and today I thought I better get that done going for her, as she needs it quite soon. My usual problem with 4 yarders is that I must hem them myself. Sometimes I even make them unhemmed to avoid this. 😀

Okay, that’s not quite correct. Some dancers have told me they prefer them unhemmed because they like max flutter in the ends. But doing that does worry me as they do tend to fray. (Every once in a while on dance boards, somebody comes out and says “Oh, if you have the right silk, they never fray!” Would sure like to know what the heck silk that is.) So I got out my sewing machine today to hem up a bunch of 4yarders to have on hand.

Except… hey, I forgot! I have a new sewing machine! I got a lovely new Janome last year on clearance and have only gotten to use it for one or two projects. Now was my chance to try out its rolled-hem foot and see how it could do on thin 5mm silk. Result: very nice! For one thing it didn’t try to suck the fine stuff down into the feed dogs at the beginning. No tension problems. Beautiful even tiny stitches. Unfortunately there’s still the problem of correctly feeding the fabric into the rolled-hem foot, which requires some finesse. But overall I think this will be a great improvement… and the likelihood of my 4 yard veils being hemmed is going to increase dramatically.


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  1. Amber
    Nov 10, 2009 @ 16:47:20

    The right tool for the right job is such a beautiful thing!

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