The big job, in progress

I’m about 20 yards along in “the big job” — 60 yards of silk to dye in three color schemes for a local student troupe. The first batch went pretty well, but I am having extreme paranoia about this order. It is SO big and the time frame SO tight that I am terrified I’ll get done and the client will say. “Oh. That’s not what I wanted.” But as a friend pointed out, “Either she likes it and your paranoia is useless, or she hates it and you don’t get a stressful order like this again, and your fear was not delusional. Which means it wasn’t paranoia anyway. So don’t sweat the paranoia.” Um. Okay!

I also saw a wonderful, wonderful tie dyed shirt I’d like to attempt for myself. I’ve been watching Jay McCarroll on “Celebrity Fit Club” and I keep pausing the show to look at his t-shirt. (My husband is unsurprised by this.) His shirt was accordion-folded diagonally from the shoulder to the hem. It looks like on one side they applied green – blue – purple – fuchsia – orange – yellow, and when they flipped it over, they dyed corresponding segments one-off (in other words, blue – purple – fuchsia – orange – yellow – green). So the color sort of scintillates down the shirt. Only about 8 or 10 inches was dyed like that, and the ends of the tied shirt are all mottled with multiple colors. Cool eh! and the shirt was so carefully folded, little 1 inch folds. Great work on someone’s part.


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  1. Amber
    Mar 12, 2010 @ 16:28:36

    I think the friend you mentioned above is most insightful! I can't even begin to comprehend how daunting this order must be, but I'm so glad you're the one doing this.

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