the big job got done, and other news

Not long after my last post I got sick — a really horrible upper respiratory thing that kept me home from work for almost two weeks and which I’m still battling now. But the big dye job still had to be finished, so on the 21st I did the last 20 yards. I was trying to balance a cyan blue dye with a toned-down fuchsia. It was immensely difficult. I wanted something less overwhelming than a basic fuchsia color but not so pale as a baby pink; despite all my efforts I think the fuchsia was still too bright. Also, my low water immersion process was producing too many white areas on the silk. I was dyeing longer lengths of heavier silk than I normally work with, and though I increased the liquid a bit, the silk was just too tightly packed. Near the end of the process I unpacked it somewhat to expose the white areas and poured a dilute dye solution all over it to give it more shading, and that worked fairly well.

Anyway, the big job is delivered. The customer didn’t give me a lot of reaction, so I hope it was okay. I was mainly just happy to go to bed, because I was totally exhausted. That virus really took a lot out of me.

In other news, a friend of mine over at the Fine Earth Studio and Gallery says that she would be happy to consider some of my scarves for her gallery shop! I have to get cracking on those — want to get them over to her before the open house night in May, right before Mother’s Day! I hope she likes them!


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  1. Amber
    Apr 01, 2010 @ 15:17:16

    I wish you could have been at last Sunday's advanced piece practice to see the fuss'n and fight'n over who got what color veil! Everyone had a favorite, you know? As for me, I was happy with any of the 3 choices 🙂 They are BEAUTIFUL!!! Sounds like you are on the mend, which is great news.

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