well, there goes all my money again

I’ve got another consignment order for Calico Garden coming due, I’m planning on taking veils down to Kahraman Dance for vending at the Reda workshop July 23rd… and now I’ve been asked to bring veils down to a couple of local classes as well. Right! Going to dye a lot of veils over the holiday weekend then!
checks the silk drawer

Uh oh. Only 9 veils left in the 3-yard length. I can take some 4 yarders to Iowa, but not to the beginner classes or to Calico Garden. Time to shop at Dharma Trading online.

$200 later…

Yeah, it’s pretty easy to drop a lot of money at Dharma. But I do have an “excuse.” They have some new fringed hip scarves I’d like to try selling, so I bought a couple of those… and I have the Summer Flames hafla coming up in August, so I thought I might try selling a few good luck banners there as well. Whenever I fly the ones I made for myself I always get lots of compliments on them. (And yeah, when somebody offered me $20 for the pair I felt rather indignant. They aren’t ripstop nylon Walmart specials. They are hand dyed. If you want two for $20, go to Walmart or dye some yourself. But I didn’t say that… just thought it really loud.) It would be reasonable to ask for $18 each, I think.

And I did throw a few more colors of Dharma’s acid dyes in the cart based on the almost too spectacular results I got last week. I picked more subdued shades this time. 


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