luck turns on a dime

Well, I did send 8 veils off to Calico Garden, but now the proprietor is quite ill. I know not with what but sounds like she might not be vending a lot any time too soon. I am broadcasting her all the good vibes I can. now come to find out that Kahraman Dance will not be doing any consignment sales at the Reda workshop. They did offer me table space, should I like to buy some, but I know quite well that I can’t both dance and vend. It just doesn’t work. I am sad, but at the same time it means I don’t have to have another Mad Dyeing Day before the event. I should do a bit more ironing though, as I have a couple 4-yarders sitting there mocking me.Here’s some music for ironing… this is a seriously good album that Aliyah Sahar introduced us to at a latin fusion dance workshop. I couldn’t believe how catchy the music is on this album.


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  1. blogger
    Sep 07, 2010 @ 18:41:17

    Music for ironing?Hm.. Let me offer something:

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