Lime Twist – sold

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Sometimes in the winter you just need a little citrus. Not only do I find myself craving grapefruit and oranges, but I like to look at juicy colors like this Lime Twist veil as well.

This dye job from a couple of years ago incorporated Dharma Tradings Chartreuse Procion MX dye. That dye is the most powerful color I’ve come across in that hobby — just a little tiny bit of it will strike the silk in a flash. I’ve often tried to create a turquoise veil with just chartreuse accents, but I haven’t gotten the timing quite right yet. If the chartreuse goes in too early, you get a mostly-green veil; too late and it doesn’t travel well in the bath, leaving only a few green splotches. The variety in LWI dyeing really is infinite.


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