always, sometimes, never

Over the last several days I’ve dyed eight or so veils, attempting to pay attention to how well my process is working. While I have a fairly good handle on the basics of what I do, this time around I was brought up short by the differences between the colors.

While I’m using Procion MX throughout in my low water immersion process, and my containers are identical, I’m noticing more subtle differences between the various shades. I’ve had a rule of thumb for years now that says “Fuchsia is hard to dissolve, Turquoise is hard to rinse out,” but more individual idiosyncrasies are popping up. The coral exhausts extremely well. The green smells weird. The pale purple floats in water so well that it’s very hard to paste up, whereas red wants to glob up at the bottom of the beaker.

Paula Burch always says “know your dyes” but I feel like I’m finding out the goofy family secrets — and these quirks aren’t necessarily all that useful to know.

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