Dye Mythbusters!

My sub-sub-sub-sub mission in life is to disseminate good information about dye (what little I know) and to dispel myths about dye.

The Number One Myth about dye HAS to be that if you have a garment with dye that is crocking (it rubs off on your hands or other garments), you should rinse it in vinegar to “set the dye.”

No it doesn’t!

If you are dyeing an item using an acid dye, you can use vinegar to create the acid pH environment. With heat (near boiling!) , that will set an acid dye… on SOME fabrics.

Just throwing vinegar into a rinse or soak does NOT set dye! Any dye that comes off in this process would have come off in a plain water solution. If dye is physically rubbing off of a garment, it wasn’t fully bonded to the fabric in the first place. You can’t fix this after the fact with vinegar. It’s possible that a product like Retayne will help, but not vinegar.

One person tried to argue with me about this. “But it’s on the Vinegar website!” she said. She sent me a link. At the top of the page it says “these hints and tips have not been documented or tested…”.

Next time, a rant about somebody who was convinced that salt works as well as soda ash in cotton tie dye! :-S


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  1. Amber
    Jan 21, 2011 @ 17:05:57

    I like that your life has sub-sub-sub missions 🙂

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