and for my next trick

I need to dye someone a pale pink and gray scarf.

Let me just say, “eek.”

I could try this in a low water immersion setup with gray and pale pink dyes, but I doubt this will work very well. The gray Procion MX dyes I have used lean towards blue on silk. So putting in a baby pink color will give me gray, pink… and purple areas. And the purple will probably be the darkest.

I could also dye part of the scarf in Jacquard’s acid dye for silver gray. it makes a beautiful, beautiful shimmery color. Then I’d have to dye a previously protected part of the scarf with pink dye… but I don’t have a good pink acid dye, so I’d probably have to do that part with soda ash and Procion MX.

OR, I could do the whole thing with soda ash and Procion MX. And… how about an arashi shibori pole wrap? Woo hoo! Now we’re cooking!


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